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C&S Berry Treat Suet Wild Bird Food



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Wild Bird Suet is traditionally fed in vinyl - coated wire cages. They are inexpensive and durable. Wire dimensions vary depending on how starling or squirrel resistant you want your feeder to be. The cages, or baskets, hold from 1 - several C&S Suet Cakes or Bricks. The cages may be hung from branches, tree trunks, or hooks. There are also several designs available combining wire with wood or plastic.
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C&S Products Berry Treat Suet attracts a "WIDER" variety of birds for successful wild bird feeding. Berry Treat contains corn, white millet, oats, and blueberries that are mixed with the highest quality of beef fat, which is the most concentrated source of energy you can offer wild birds. By feeding suet, you offer a much higher caloric energy source and a meal the birds can't resist. Condition: New

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